Dear Foundation,

I sense you speculating over what has been called tobacco control. I would like to relate the event under which in my language in Greek the term control has double meaning and means to control and to check upon. Any kind of control it is being made evident is checked to be valid and related to an expectation or ambition.

So it is about tobacco control where this relies on individual activity and preferences held by people this concerns to be unbiased expressions of their opinion rather than measured and defined and moreover compared to an objective or otherwise fact which does not form part of anybody’s opinion but is valid and must not be attributed to any extended opinion about existing.

Performing statistical checks and updates happens on behalf of reality after being formed by the person asking questions when they expect the same or an opposite response or overall result. It is not a measurement of preference or an engaged opinion about another fact that has been deserted and remained stable and static since this was left a statutory fact.

This has got to change and change is driven by the individuals you survey and many more and their states and not the international organisations they unite under to be ruling people separately and be serving them to their needs in person.

An initial survey has only polled the opinion held by the parliament in each country expecting the rest of the public to follow this similarity while being surveyed of their actions. I strongly uphold that this has got to stop and democracy should determine the answer to questions in relation to smoking and anything else existing.

Thank you for your time.

Costas Kitis”

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